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14 February 2011

Toys: The Tazapper

The Tazapper arrived at Sir's place last week and I spent the whole week in a dither.

"Did you test it on yourself?!" I asked, for the umpteenth time.

"Mmmhmm..." he replied blandly, offering nothing further. Baiting me. Dammit.

"AND?!!!?" I demanded.

".... I think you'll like it...." Dismissively. Clearly our conversation on the topic was ended. There would be no details.

Which left me in wet anticipation for the rest of the week. just the way he wanted me.

Finally Friday, Sir, and the Tazapper all arrived. I was allowed to examine it, but not to "test" it.

It looks like some sort of dagger version of a light-sabre. About 18 inches long, half handle, half conical plasticky business end. Really, I suppose it could pass for a kids' toy, if one didn't know what it does (note to self: hide this from the children)!

Flash forward: Sir had me bound, gagged, blindfolded, spreader bar between my ankles, vibrating nipple clamps in place.... he moved around the room silently, making occasional deliberate noises to heighten my anticipation. I knew it MUST be coming, but when? Where? and HOW would it feel?

I was on the brink of a delicious squirting orgasm courtesy of a glass dildo and the Eroscillator... when he did it. It sent me plummeting away from my orgasm as quickly as anything ever has. ZAP!!!

Right on my inner thigh ligament... the one that helps form the hollow between my pussy and my leg... a supremely sensitive spot. Zowie.

And..... mmmmmmm......

It was followed almost immediately by another matching ZAP!!! on the other side, then one on the side of my breast: that one seemed to shoot down my arm a bit. OuchDammitFreakyCoolYowza.

More please....

He did this several more times, just as I was cresting orgasms, until I was dying to cum. It was one of the best orgasms of my life.

So what does it feel like? Hmmm... hard to describe. Imagine someone takes a little rubber band and snaps you with it. Close, except that the sensation travels outward from the point of impact a little, sort of slithers under your skin... and the sting goes away almost instantaneously, unlike the aforementioned rubber band.

Or just imagine a static electricity shock times about 25. Oh, and you know its coming.

Now I think I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but I will be the first to admit that i probably rank fairly middle-of-the-road in KinkVille. The power of the Tazapper is about perfect for me. It bites, especially on the sensitive spots (no, I haven't let him use it on my clit yet...shudder...). But I would imagine that there are some out there who might think it just barely tickles. It only has one power setting. So it would take some serious electrical pimping-out to make it do anything more.

Still, it's a novelty and a nice addition to our toybox... and just knowing its in there makes putting the blindfold on all that much more interesting.

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